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Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 20 and 21

Sunday and Monday I did 5k training even though I try never to work out on Sunday, but I am really mad at my church and frustrated with the churches I have gone to. Is that really why? I don’t think so. I’m just making stuff up.  But I have not found a good church in Atlanta yet, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Sunday, my mom and I finally settled my gym membership situation, so I have gym membership at the YMCA.  This is great because I can lift slightly heavier weights and get better results. You should see my new guns (bicep muscles), but I am a bit shy about them though so maybe some other day.  I may even teach a group fitness class or course at the YMCA. YAY!!!

As for the running part, yesterday, I really had to run much more than ever.  My chest hurt a little.  It always hurts when I run but I never die and the pain does not last so it must not be too bad. Uhh…I am glad I typed that because that sounded foolish.  I need to do some research on that.

Yesterday, I got so much work done  and I think it may have to do with the fact that I did not blog.  Blogging really sucks up my time.  I am applying for jobs and I may be starting classes next Monday so I really don’t have the time to blog, just wanted to let you know that I am on track with the workouts and Sunday, I made up for Thursday Hallelujah.

God is faithful. I will explain what I mean later.


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Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 3

Today, I stuck to the plan. I even got up early to workout like I promised myself. I had to take a break 15 minutes into the workout to go to the bathroom, however.  I also was really dehydrated.  I should drink a lot of water today so that I will not be so dehydrated tomorrow.  I am wondering also, if I should keep working out on consecutive days.  I know you should allow your muscles to rest but running is not weight training.  I have been really stiff and walking like those football players used to walk in high school, even though I definitely stretched afterwards. I will ask my old professor. Okay. Will update you tomorrow.

Do not forget that this 5k is for an organization called Dekalb Community Service Board which provides recovery for lower income individuals with mental illnesses and drug addiction.  Please visit their website:

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Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 2

Today was not a running day.  It was a circuit training day.  I technically did what I was supposed to do, but I did not start until 10am and ended at 12:50pm. Was pathetic.  I was dancing (which is technically exercise), I got distracted by dirty dishes and the internet.  Cannot happen again.  I also did not wake up until 7:20am.  Worse than yesterday.  I do not know what the penalty should be for doing the exercise but not waking up as early or taking too long to do the exercise.  Any recommendations?  The playful lazy part of me and the disciplined, hard-working, rational part of me are always at war. What can I do?   The latter part of me should just stop being so nice.   Then again. I did the exercise.  The prize for completing the training this week was going to be getting new shoes.  I can’t not get the shoes.  I really need them.  I have had my running shoes for [cough cough] years–too embarrassed to say how long. Maybe they should be uglier shoes if I make the same mistakes again this week?  Hmmm….nah.  Not motivating enough. As much as I enjoyed college, I really developed some bad habits while there.  Doing what ever I want. Going on the computer too for frivolous things too much.  Waking up late. I really cannot think of a good punishment. I already gave up my two main vices (Facebook and TV) and I do not eat sweets. Oh. I know.  This is really painful.  Listening to music and looking at other people’s hair blogs. Ah man. I have to give them up for the rest of the week and can only get them back next week if I get up early to do my training and finish the training in a timely manner. So sad. Okay. Well. I need to get some other things done. Bye. Bye.

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Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 1

Hey. I ran today. Stuck to the plan for the most part. I do not know what else to say.   I will say that I go up one hour late. I am tired though so I do not want to talk a lot about it. Plus tomorrow I will get up to do circuit training.   Good night

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5k Race for Mental Health

Hey all.  I mentioned in my Operation Recuperation post that I would start training for a 5k Race.  Well…I have a confession to make. I have not started…yet.  But now I have a motivation.  Dekalb Community Service Board is having its annual Walk of Heroes.  This is great:

  1. The 5k is a fund raiser for DCSB which is a mental health clinic for lower income individuals (usually) and because it is a non-profit government organization, it does not have a lot of money, especially because the state government does not see it as important to fund as physical health programs.
  2. I love the work that DCSB does ( my mom works there but I actually found out about the 5k walk on my own)
  3. I really want to get back my sexy legs, because I think I am developing cankles (calve-ankles). Do not get me wrong. I do not exercise just for cosmetic purposes.  In fact, I have been exercising pretty religiously for 5 months. I just do not work out my calves as much as when I played soccer.

Cankles are when the calf muscles have no definition and therefor the calves and ankles look like same thing. No good.

September 24th.  That is exactly nine weeks which is just enough time to train for the race based on the Cool Runnings Coach to the 5k running plan.  Therefore, there is no turning back.  No excuses. No “I can start next week.”  No. Tomorrow morning I am waking up before the sun rises, eat an egg, read the Bible, pray, train for thirty minutes, stretch for 15 and I should be done by 7am or at the latest 8am to start by day.

So this is the plan for the next 9 weeks found here

I am posting this here to have some kind of accountability.  I am asking my friends to hold me accountable (Jodi, Uchenna, etc.) and I will update my progress on this blog every other day (which is when I will be exercising).

But before I go, I want to talk about what was holding me back before.  As I learned in my Women’s Health Class, when you want to develop a new habit, there must be a stimulus control.  In other words, you have to create an environment conducive to exercise.  One way to do that are to think of the issues preventing me from starting the plan and find solutions to fixing them.

First of all, sometimes when I wake up I am disoriented and forget about exercising.  I just want to sleep in and forget about it.  That is no good.  “The man who loves sleep becomes poor.”

So the first step for me would be to go to sleep early (about 10pM) and set my alarm clock and then put my shoes and work out clothes so that I will not forget.

The second issue I have is that the force from concrete is bad for my joints.  The solution is to eventually buy better shoes and in the meantime use insoles.  The solution is to get up before the sun rises which I have said that I plan to do already.

Another serious issue I have are the wolf-like animals.  Not just vicious dogs but coyotes as well.  I have a book about dogs so I will read that and also talk to my mom about solutions.  I know a lot of ladies carry big sticks with them.  I will see if there is some kind of alternative to that.  I should also find I way to keep my cell phone with me, since most of my workout pants do not have pockets.

Okay. Now that I have dealt with the issues, I have to come up with an award system.  Maybe at the end of the week, if I succeed I should buy some nice running shoes for myself. I do not know what I will do the next week.

Please pray for me people and I will keep you updated. Please check out the link to the 5k walk:  .  And to Dekalb Community Service Board:

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Operation Recuperation

Operation Recuperation

As I said before in my first blog, I just completed my final semester at [Blank] University—I don’t want to give away my identity…okay…maybe later.  After completing a senior thesis which was 99 pages which I wrote in less than a month, I am seriously exhausted. I cannot even think anymore.  I don’t know how I’m writing this blog right now. Maybe it’s the bright pink colors or maybe it’s because I love my hair so much…ewww. Too much self love, but I cannot help it.  God did a great job. Eww. Yuck again.

Anyway…because I am so tired, I am starting OPERATION RECUPERATION!  It’s more than simple R&R. I’ve been told that if you sleep too much you can get sick.  OR involves getting optimal sleep, eating balanced meals, exercising 30-minutes per day, and having fun.  Those tasks may sound simple to some of you and maybe difficult to others. I would say that both parties are correct.  There are challenges in these tasks, but I can fix them.

Reasons why these tasks will be difficult:

  • First of all, I’m about a month out of practice for all three.
  • Secondly, well I need to outline why they would individually be difficult.
    • Getting optimal sleep: My sleep schedule is out of wack. In order to complete this senior thesis I had to pull several all nighters…well maybe I did not have to, but I did. Because I went to sleep at 2am, 4am, 6am, 9pm, and didn’t go to sleep at all, I do not currently have a good sleep schedule.
    • Eating balanced meals:
      • As many people know, healthy food is expensive.
      • It’s just really difficult to get the required number of fruits and vegetables.
      • Because of the stress of the thesis, I am out of the habit of eating well. I ate a lot of McDonald’s.
  • Exercising: I do not have gym membership like my parents now that I am not in school.
  • Having fun: It’s difficult to have fun when everyone is working and I am sort of addicted to the computer, which hampers me from getting any work done or doing other things in general.


  • Getting optimal sleep:
    • Have a strict Internet/Electronics curfew. By 9am, no internet, no computer, no phone, no texting. This way I can wind down by 12am at the latest. I’ve been told that based on circadian rhythms, the best sleep you can get is between 10pm and 2am, so I need to get to bed by 12am at the latest and preferably by 10pm to get optimal sleep
  • Eating balanced meals:
    • Spinach smoothies (recipe will follow).
    • Plan meals a week in advance
  • Exercising:
  • Having fun. There’s really no solution, I’m just boring. Haha. I will just have to pray about it.

Berry Spinach Smoothie

  • makes 1 serving
  • 2 cups spinach leaves
  • 3/4 cup water or milk (unsweetened almond milk, rice, soy, low fat cow’s milk, etc)
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries (I used frozen raspberries but any type will work)
  • 1 banana

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