It’s been a long….time….the death of natural hair craze, Africana studies, and Girls among other things

May 10, 2012 Oyibo Princess

Dear Oyibo Princess Blog Readers,

I am sorry I have neglected you for so so so so so long. How long has it been? Almost six months? Wow!

Why has it been so long? Well. Quite frankly, I have to be honest, but I just lost interest in the main topic of this blog: my hair. Yes. I still wash it. Yes. I still take care of it. I probably do less of the two nowadays than when I first started writing this blog, but I just realized that although it’s important to empower black women, mixed women, and other kinkies and curlies to love their hair, life is not all about hair.

It is like the way I feel about Africana studies. I love the subject. I believe it is important, but I will not devote my whole life to it and I could definitely see it getting old. Or maybe I should put it this way, I see the work of great scholars such as Henry Louis Gates, Mark Anthony Neal, and Michael Eric Dyson as important.  However, I do not need to become a scholar of Africana studies. They devote their lives to those subjects so that African Americans like me can become doctors, lawyers, engineers, whatever. Or I should say at least so we can have the option. As I am writing this I realize the issues are more complicated than that, but I hope you get my point.

Now that I actually wrote out what is in my head I am not sure that I actually feel that way.  But anyway, my point is how much can you really write about your hair?  Even natural hair? Even coiled hair? You tell people how you take care of it. You try to disseminate fears about natural hair by dispelling myths. As for other topics…I’m drawing a blank…

As a result, I am just going to talk or write about what I see in life and about what I do.  I hope this doesn’t get boring like the last seasons of the Bernie Mac Show (may Mac rest in peace) or that lame copy of the Cosby Show on BET. What’s it called….Oh yeah…Reed Between the Lines.

Ok so anyway, for my first topic, I thought I would talk about jobs since I am still trying to find one. I know it has been an entire year and I still do not have one.  Honestly, however, I wanted to get a job in something that would help further my career and in order to do that, I had volunteer (work for free for a while).  But recently, a few events have happened that have woken me up. I believe it was from God.

So the first event was my discovery of this disgusting show called Girls. We do not have HBO, so I watched the pilot episode on youtube.  The show opened with a the main character, a college graduate with a bachelor of arts in English and her mother and father eating dinner and a conversation about how her parents could no longer support her lavish lifestyle and her dreams of becoming a writer..  The main character (I honestly forgot her name) complained that she was still waiting for her internship to turn into a job. The next morning she asked her boss for a a permanent job. He then fired her.  Her friends just suggested to her that she should get a job at McDonald’s. Her mom told her get a real (paying) job and write a blog if she really wanted to become a writer (great idea. I don’t want to be a writer by the way).  In the comments area below the video, a viewer said that he has a four-year college degree, has had nine unpaid internships since graduation, and has worked (with a paid job) through all of them.

As disgusted as I was with her, I saw me in her. I was disgusted with myself. I needed to get paid at all cost (well legally). Even if I volunteer on the side and get great experience while doing so, I need to get paid, immediately.

The second sign occurred when I was reading the great classic novel Things Fall Apart by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe (not the movie with Fidie Cent. lol 50 Cent).  In one chapter, the main character, Okonkwo had been banished from his fatherland and for seven years, lived in his motherland. The narrator spoke of Okonkwo’s challenges in starting over. Although he had been quite prosperous in his fatherland, starting over and building wealth in old age was exhausting and he did not have the energy of his youth.

I need to get a job immediately at all costs now while it is much easier and my brain is more alive before it is too late.

The third sign came when I attended a poverty simulation (for public health, btw) course organized by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Group. In the simulation, I was a mother of three, whose husband had lost his job as a computer programmer four months ago and could not find work. My teenage daughter was 7-months pregnant. My two sons were under 12 and as a result, by law, had to be under adult supervision or we would go to jail.

During the simulation, I was almost late to work twice because I had to cash my checks in order to get transportation tickets. We were three months late on the mortgage payments. I also missed the birth of my daughter’s baby due to the fact that I had to buy transportation tickets. Oh and my son went to jail for carrying a gun, but I had to ignore that.

Praise God though, because I was not fired, we paid the mortgage without being evicted, my grandchild was healthy, my son made it out of jail. But above all it was stressful and a lot of work, just to stay in the same place and I had to ignore my children just to take care of them.

The lesson there was that I should not have any children until I am financially stable if I want to have children at all….

Besides that this simulation or game taught me that I really need to think of my mother. She still has to take care of me and sustain me despite the fact that I have a college degree. The job market sucks and I may not be able to get the job right away, but I will need to think creatively and fast in order to get some cash flowing in.

If I have to volunteer at Grady to get the work experience I need and work as Subway to get the cash I need I will (I am not working at McDonald’s. I’m in public health and obesity prevention to be exact. Hello? However, working there may give me an inside scope on behavioral patterns that lead to obesity. Sometimes you have to work behind enemy lines. Or am I simply trying to justify evil. IDK…)   Well. That should be all for now. This really took way too long. Anyway. Odabo (I’m too lazy to put in the special characters and you know what I’m saying.) I should also say, “Boa noite.” I’m learning Portuguese these days.


Oyibo Princess

P.S. Even though I said I would write about topics, I probably will not write a lot. This took way too long and I realized probably as I was writing about Girls that I do not want to be a writer. I also blogged about all the hair stuff I could blog about so what more is there to write? I don’t know. Or maybe I do want to be a writer or journalist, but I would definitely had to learn how to write in a shorter time span.


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