Walk of Heroes Day 17 and maybe 18

August 11, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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Hello all. So…Yesterday but I did not blog because I was distracted by something.  I have been watching Nollywood films for the past 4 days. Ok.  I have not watched one today and I am resisting but I have watched one hour of one (Rihanna and Beyonce) Monday, finished it Tuesday and started another one (Blackberry Babes) the same day, Wednesday I finished Blackberry Babes and started Evil Forest but Youtube did not have the complete film, then I watched Sacred Lies with Genevieve Nnaji, the most beautiful and elegant woman in Nollywood from what I can see so far.

But that is not the one I want to discuss and this relates to my life issues with exercising.  I want to  discuss Blackberry Babes.  In the film, these Nigerian university girls are completely obsessed with owning Blackberries.  They will exclude you in some ways if you don’t have a Blackberry, etc.  Some were sleeping with these older men in order to get Blackberries.  One girl was not as clever as the other two and she slept with these men and still did not get the Blackberry.  Two stole their BB from people.  One from a relative and the other from Al-Hajji, one of the other lady’s sugar daddies.  Another two girls fought over a BB and also did not pay their school fees in order to get a BB and therefore did not graduate.  And one was even using her BB to scam men.  She was 419. I could not believe it.

There was only one sensible girl in the entire 4-hour film, who used the Blackberry to read her school books since she could not afford them, to get a scholarship, and to out a criminal and the other women in the book had the nerve to call her a classless girl.  They were quite foolish themselves.

But I like the movie  because it teaches us an important lesson that technology can really distract us from our goals if we let it, that is by overindulging in it, specifically by spending a lot of time on useless websites, by using it to hurt people.  Yet technology  is so pervasive that we cannot run away from it and if we do we may also suffer for it.  But also if we spend so much time and senseless energy on technology then we do not control the technology but the technology controls us.  It can ruin our lives if we allow it to and are no careful and it can distract us from our goals.  Even if we think we are controlling it in the end it will defeat us.

But honestly 7 out of 10 of those girls were seriously wicked and the other two were just senseless. The was one sensible girl as I said. One out of the seven was wicked and foolish.

I am talking about this because technology is at the moment defeating me and has for maybe 5 years now I think. Oh goodness. Even this film has distracted me from my 5k goals.  Yesterday, I ran for the amount I was supposed to, but guess what. I ran inside, in place (since I don’t have a treadmill), watching that Blackberry Babes film.  I was so addicted.  You know that film is almost 4 hours?  Knowing good and well that running inside is not going to prepare me for a 5k race and today I have yet to do my weight training.  At least yesterday since I was glued to these movies, I just started making my GRE flashcards. Yes I am going to grad school and vocab is the most difficult.

Are you asking me if I recommend these films to you?  I would say under certain conditions, yes.  They do have sex scenes, but so do American films (this is why I prefer Bollywood over Nollywood and Hollywood because if people want to express their love they dance and in these Nollywood films there was very little real love as far as I could see. Mostly just foolishness). I would also say only watch these movies when you really absolutely have 4-6 hours to spare. The great thing these about the films is almost never the cinematography unless we are talking about Ije: The Journey or Niger-Delta: Black Gold.  The women are also hoochies. Straight-up.  Especially the fair-skinned (Onye Ocha/Oyibo) women they pick. I would say Genevieve, Omotola, and some other dark girls are elegant, however. Are they trying to prove a point by doing that? How rude. Anyway, the cinematography is poor, the music is usually poor, but the plot and the themes are pretty amazing actually.  They take patience I will say. Sometimes the acting is terrible (Nadia) sometimes it is great (Genevieve and Tonto) but it’s worth it.  Whoever writes them is quite genius, but I will say that if you are sensitive to sexuality do not watch the ones I listed except Evil Forces. In fact, I probably should not watch them myself because I was outraged by the movies No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, but that is for another day.

This is about the 5k Training.  I have done nothing today and don’t know if I will. I am really slacking!! If I accomplished my mission I will just have a blog post saying check.  If I did not I will say fail. As I learned from the film I cannot allow technology to destroy my life.  I need to use it to my advantage.  Let me go so I can find another Nollywood film.

Oh goodness, I am running to health people with mental illnesses and here I am with a mental illness.  Media addiction. But I don’t receive that. Do not forget to visit the Dekalb County Community Service Board website to find out more about the Walk of Heroes 5k: http://dekcsb.org/


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