Walk of Heroes Day 13-16

August 9, 2011 Oyibo Princess

Oh wow. I am so behind.  I have not blogged about my exercise stuff for a while.  I have been so tired and I spent all day yesterday braiding my hair.  Five hours. I’m never doing that again.  But I have done my exercises.  Yesterday I jogged/walk for thirty minutes.  I have to get up really early because yesterday was the first day of school and if I am not up before the kids, I will stop and talk to them and their parents and get distracted.  Speaking of getting distracted, for the past five hours I was watching a Nollywood film.  It should be called a mini-series because those things are so, so long.  I think they were created so that women would have something to distract them while they get their hair braided.  Maybe next time I braid my hair, which will not be for a long while, I will watch one with Genevieve.

Anyway, because I completed all of my exercises the last two weeks I bought myself some new shoes and some insoles.  I have a very high arch and the shoes these days don’t have the support you need.  My brother recommended The Nike Free Runs but I got the Reebok Version because they are prettier to me.

I know that once I get a job this exercising thing is going to be much harder because there is no room for me to get up late like ever.  Last night an old friend called so I stayed up.  I knew that I would not be wanting to wake up at 5:40am so I turned off my alarm click and did not wake up until 8:30am and did not work out until 11.  I don’t know why that keeps happening.  Like when I wake up at 5:40 or 6:30, I start at the most an hour later.  If I wake up after that I start 2 or 3 hours later. Beats me.  Maybe it’s  because it’s cooler in the morning.

Okay.  Sat and Sun I rested big time.  Sleep in. I need to stop staying up late.

My new shoes. They are prettier in person


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