Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 11

August 4, 2011 Oyibo Princess

Same as usual. I did the circuit training but I had such a difficult time getting up.  I was so sore.  It does not seem that the soreness is going away.  It makes it difficult to get up in the morning and when I exercise I feel exhausted. So exhausted.  But it makes sense because what happens during weight training or resistance training is that the muscles are exhausted which is why you should allow the body to rest on the in between days in order for the weight training to be more effective.  The only thing is I think I am resistant (haha!) to that advice because I do not understand why you should rest for 4 days out of the week and only exercise only 3 days out of the week. Our bodies were made to move not rest.  If you rest all the time you will not get any work done and the Bible only says to rest once per week not 4.  That is a lot.  Although a lot of health and fitness experts say that you should completely rest 4 days out of the week but you should practice less intense exercise on the other days. I do not know what I would do. Dance? That is not so intense.  Maybe that means I would do the running and the circuit training on the same day.  That might actually be better for me.  Maybe I will try that next week and I dance anyway.  Every single day. I don’t even need a DJ, my IPod or my computer, I can sing the music myself.

For the sore muscles, maybe I should hire a masseuse!! hehe.  Don’t quite have that kind of money unfortunately.  Ok. I shall leave you now.  Good day.


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