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August 4, 2011 Oyibo Princess


Last night, I had a dream that I saw a pic of myself with straightened hair.  It was very long and very thick and black too. Not that dusty brownish color that comes from sun damage which I usually have. Was weird because I never recall my hair looking like that. I do kind of wonder what my hair would look like straightened at this point but I will have to wait until the weather changes or move to New Mexico because it is really hot and humid in Atlanta right now and my hair frizzes up so, so easily.  Another reason I do not straighten my hair or get relaxers.  If I decide to straighten my hair which may not be until September or October, I will definitely post the picture to show you what it looks like. I feel so bad though.  I have not posted anything about hair in a while.  I have a post coming up on damage and I really need to make some style videos.

Last time I straightened my hair 1/25/09


Around the time I last straightened my hair


Look at me now (Aug 4, 2011)

Just keep in mind that the pic of me now is a braid-out, albeit  an accidental one because I only took out these braids I had in to show you what my natural hair looks like in comparison to 2009.  Back then in 2009, I was wearing a co-wash and go, like I did everyday, since I had no idea what braid out was nor did I desire a braid out but they really are a good thing.  You can use all the best hair products in the world but if you do not treat the hair properly through the styling and detangling techniques you use, the products are useless.  That is what I have learned.  I told you some great ways to detangle and I have hinted some good products and ingredients but the styling tutorials are long, long, long, long overdue.  I feel so bad. I will get to them, but I am really busy nowadays.  How about this:  I will wash my hair every Friday evening and style on Saturday so perhaps you can expect to see a styling video and pictorial ever Monday?  How is that?  I should ahve posted the Natural Hair in the workplace series but I have been trying to get myself in the work place.  Expect a lot Monday.


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