Walk of Heroes 5k training: Day 4

July 29, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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Today, I completed my circuit training.  I woke up around 6am (I did hit the snooze button twice) I started around 7:30am and finished at 8:3o.  My friend Uchenna asked was circuit training is so I am assuming more people are wondering.  It is weight training that is also cardio.  You do not lift the weights faster.  If you did that, you would not get the full benefits of lifting weights because your muscles would not be doing the work the momentum would.  So you have to lift the weights slowly by taking 4 second to do one repetition.  The way that this becomes cardio is by not resting between sets and therefore this increases your heart rate to the point that the weight lifting becomes cardio.  In weight training you are supposed to rest your muscles between sets, but in circuit training you can get around that by changing the muscle group that you’re exercising.  So you would one 12 reps upper body exercise, 12 reps core exercise, and the 12 reps lower body exercise.  This way you can increase your heart rate and still allow your muscles to rest.  You can also add cardio into the mix but I prefer not to since the entire thing is cardio and adding it just makes it take longer.

A lot of women are resistant (get it, resistant?) to weight training because they are afraid it will make them look less feminine.  From what I have learned in health and fitness courses in college, some online information, and having a personal trainer in Summer 2009, it would be really difficult for a woman to look like Hulk Hogan.  It is possible, but she would have to go through extreme measures.  Not only would she have to do low reps and high weights (I do high reps, lower weights for lean muscles), she would have to take male hormones or steroids.  It is a little awkward being the weight room with all the guys staring at you like, “What is she doing here?”  but other than that, it’s really not bad.  I actually have some weights at home but there are some body-weight exercises you can do if you do not have gym membership.

I am not going to post my workout because it looks to sloppy for anyone other than me, but here is a sample I found online:

None of these seem to require equipment so you do not need gym membership to do them.  I actually do not exercise by seconds but rather repetition because sometimes when I exercise with time I go way to fast and in that case I would be using my momentum and not my muscles so there’s no growth there.  You have to exhaust your muscles a little to get the benefits of weight training. I hope that you are not annoyed by all of these non-hair posts.  Thanks! =)

(Since I could not get a pretty picture of the circuit training, here are two link that has some examples: http://www.brianmac.co.uk/circuit.htmhttp://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/circuit-training-workout.html)


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