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July 28, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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Probably around the time that I wrote this

Hello everyone. I was looking at documents on my desktop and I ran across a hair journal that I used to write in, which was a very short lived habit.  In fact, I probably cannot call it habit since it only last one week. It is so funny:

  • What did I do Sunday (April 3, 2011)?
    • Pre washed with olive oil and cocoa nut oil
    • I deep conditioned with a mixture of Hello Hydration, honey, and olive oil without shampooing first.  Never shampooed in fact
  • Monday, April 4, 2011
    • Rinsed the conditioner out in the shower and detangled. I think I will continue to save the detangling process for after I have deep conditioned and not use a denman brush. I got a lot less breakage this way
    • Twist outs and braid out using cocoa cut oil only, no leave-in
    • My scalp was so itchy that I made a concoction with cocoa nut oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil and sprayed it on.
    • Was still itchy
  • Tuesday
    • Was still itchy
    • Did a tuck style
    • Itchy didn’t stop until I took out the tuck and loosened the style
    • Sprayed anti-itch concoction and rinsed after going to the gym.
    • Results: I think it caused come pimples and clogged pores. Maybe I just need to shampoo more
  • Wednesday:
    • Braid out
    • Watched too much hair crush and was distracted from my thesis.
    • OH!!
    • But I prayed about it and it’s getting better.
    • Still itches.
    • My a take a shower and preserve the style by twisting the front


I keep, keep keeping on watching haircrush videos on youtube.  I’m just so fascinated by how long her hair is. It’s so so beautiful.  She looks like one of those beautiful Brazilian young ladies.  I want to look like that.  I was experiencing some serious case of hair envy.  I’ve never felt that way, like ever!  And I keep wanting my hair to be that long.  And keep looking in the mirror and being sad that it’s not there.  So impatient.  However, I realized something.  Of course I want long hair because it’s a sign of beauty.  Although, there are obviously a ton of people with short, medium, whatever length hair that are so beautiful.  But aside from that, long hair, especially if it’s kinky-curly and long is a sign of patience, perseverance, and gentleness.  If I have those characteristics, I will have long hair in no time.”

Yeah. So that’s it.  What I was saying about patience is really true.  Your hair is not going to grow overnight or as quickly as my aloe vera plants. hehe.

I actually later found out that most Brazilian people are black, at least by the American definition, after watching Henry Louis Gate’s documentary Black in Latin America.  It is one of the blackest countries in the world, in terms of number of black people, only second to Nigeria (but again that is if we use the American one-drop rule).  I just said “She looks like one of those beautiful Brazilian ladies” because she reminds me of the ladies who were friends with my dad’s Brazilian friend, Bruno. I think that was his name. I was only eight at the time that we met him and shortly after, he left for Brazil . All of his Brazilian lady friends had really long hair and it was natural and curly (or at least looked that way). I wonder what they do to their hair.  I am hoping their hair was not long as result of those Brazilian Keratin Treatments.  Those things have dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

By the way, check out haircrush on Youtube. I know I have talked about her before.  You can also find her here on fotki. What a gorgeous woman.  I am a princess but she is  the queen. My hair is definitely growing thanks to her tips and the tips of other women (and even mother’s of little girls…I guess they’re women too..hehe.)  I definitely like her hair better than that of kimmaytube who is so length obsessed she never trims her ends so her ends are a bit untidy.  Will talk about ends in a future post.  That’s all for now.

Haircrush (twist-out)

Haircrush (chunky twists)


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