Walk of Heroes 5k Training: Day 2

July 26, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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Today was not a running day.  It was a circuit training day.  I technically did what I was supposed to do, but I did not start until 10am and ended at 12:50pm. Was pathetic.  I was dancing (which is technically exercise), I got distracted by dirty dishes and the internet.  Cannot happen again.  I also did not wake up until 7:20am.  Worse than yesterday.  I do not know what the penalty should be for doing the exercise but not waking up as early or taking too long to do the exercise.  Any recommendations?  The playful lazy part of me and the disciplined, hard-working, rational part of me are always at war. What can I do?   The latter part of me should just stop being so nice.   Then again. I did the exercise.  The prize for completing the training this week was going to be getting new shoes.  I can’t not get the shoes.  I really need them.  I have had my running shoes for [cough cough] years–too embarrassed to say how long. Maybe they should be uglier shoes if I make the same mistakes again this week?  Hmmm….nah.  Not motivating enough. As much as I enjoyed college, I really developed some bad habits while there.  Doing what ever I want. Going on the computer too for frivolous things too much.  Waking up late. I really cannot think of a good punishment. I already gave up my two main vices (Facebook and TV) and I do not eat sweets. Oh. I know.  This is really painful.  Listening to music and looking at other people’s hair blogs. Ah man. I have to give them up for the rest of the week and can only get them back next week if I get up early to do my training and finish the training in a timely manner. So sad. Okay. Well. I need to get some other things done. Bye. Bye.


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