Why the Wash-and-Go is a NO-NO!!

June 10, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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Around the time of my first Wash-and-Go

In the last post, I said that I would post my regimen, but before I do I would like to share what I was doing wrong with my old “regimen” before I discovered my current regimen. In other words I am telling you why “The Wash-and-Go is a NO-NO”. Sorry for lying, but this is really important and besides, who knows when I will have such a poetic post title again?

First I should work on some definitions:

  1. Wash-and-Go – pretty self explanatory. You get in the shower. You wash your hair. You go (to class, to the beach, to work, wherever).
  2. Co-washing – to wash the hair with a conditioner, usually a cheap conditioner (Herbal Essensce Hello Hydration, Suave Cocoa nut, etc.) unless you are just clueless like I was.

In the previous post, I said that in my old “regimen”, I would Co-Wash-and-Go everyday.  So basically, I would wake up every morning, get in the shower, wet my hair, put conditioner on it, comb it, rinse it out, and go to class.  The reason that I did this is because I did not know any other way to keep my curls defined and I wanted to be completely natural.

The problem with this “regimen” was that:

    1. I was over-combing my hair
    2. My hair would dry out by the end of the day and look really crunchy
    3. I was letting my hair shrink and get tangled, which caused unnecessary breakage.
    4. My hair was wet it the morning (not princess-like at all).
    5. It took 30 minutes every morning, so when I was unable to co-wash my hair, I put on a scarf  tacky scarf (also not princess-like).
    6. It was a waste of water

After over 6 months of the daily co-wash-and-go. Don't be fooled by "thumbs-up". This is bad.

What is problematic for length-retention sake is that when I washed my hair and let it blow in the wind the afro state of hair, although it is quite beautiful, I was making my hair susceptible to damage.  When kinky-curly hair is in the wet afro state, even if combed while wet, it is vulnerable to tangles if one allows it to dry without stretching it. Therefore, the best thing for a kinky-curly girl to do is to keep the hair stretched out at all times after washing or wetting it.  She can do this by:

  1. Braiding it.
  2. Twisting it.
  3. Banding it.
  4. Blow-drying and straightening it with a hot comb (although I would be careful with how and how often, because this can damage the hair more easily than the others. In fact, I never do this, but I’m using it as an example to give you an idea of what stretched means.)

(I will create video tutorials on 1, 2, and 3 as soon as I can).

Banded hair (#3) kind of like Muffy from Arthur

You may be asking “Why should I keep tangles out?” and “Why do I need to stretch my hair?” I used to wonder why all the hair blog ladies would talk about stretching the hair. I did not want to stretch my hair, because I thought that it was not really natural, but after doing more research, I began to see the importance. Why? How? Well…Your hair sheds every day. When the kinky-curly hair is not stretched it is susceptible to tangles. When that hair is tangled, shed hairs can get caught on the other hairs, which causes unnecessary breakage. In contrast, when the hair is stretched, it does not tangle as easily.

What is the difference between shed hairs and unnecessary breakage?  They are both hair loss, but a hair is shed when there is a white bulb at the end.  This is natural and completely inevitable.  A hair is broken off when you do not see a bulb, usually because it was caught on a shed hair, because it was dealt with to roughly, or because the hair was weak.  This hair loss is unnecessary, can thwart length retention (or hair-growth) goals and can be largely avoided by proper detangling and stretching as well as gentle care.  You do not want unnecessary breakage because, as sunshower143 says, it is equivalent to a hair cut, but in my opinion, a really bad hair cut.

Also, it may look like I am wearing an afro in my most recent hair pic, but, as my pastor says, don’t get it twisted.  It’s a twist out, not a Wash-and-Go.

Today! (Wash-and-go free for 6-months except for this one time) My hair cannot even fit in the frame.

Thank you for reading my post and remember “The Wash-and-Go is a NO-NO!!” Please leave comments and questions.


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