Hair Growth: Change in Regimen

June 9, 2011 Oyibo Princess
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I have been slacking on posting, but I have some exciting news! My hair has grown a lot in the past 6 months. It’s amazing!! As I stated earlier I have been natural for 8 years by some standards, 4 years by others, and 6 months by others. What I mean by that is that about 9 years ago, I decided that I did not want a relaxer anymore because I did not like the results and wanted my old hair back (I only had a relaxer for about three years).  So by the same time that next year, I was relaxer free!! But even though I grew out the relaxer, at the time, I would almost always straighten it.  If not, I wore a very unstylish ponytail.

Second semester freshman year of college, I decided that I wanted the entire world to see what my hair really looked like so I put the hot comb down–partly because I wanted it to be healthy and partly becuse my roommate said the smoke from the hot comb was making her sick. However, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just co-washed and combed my hair everyday.  It looked cute at first and everyone loved my hair but I was not getting any hair growth.  So Junior year, I started doing research.  Not as diligently as senior year, but I looked at a few times and applied what I learned without taking the time to understand.

December of 2010, I had major breakage (as if I didn’t have enough before) and decided that I should start getting serious about hair research. I have been looking at hair blogs everyday since January of this year (2011) and applying what I have learned which has resulted in major rewards.

This demonstrates that, as a woman with kinky and/or curly hair, one may not have do a lot of work to get one’s hair to look good (co-wash and go), but one does have to put in a lot of work and obtain a lot of knowledge in order to have long hair.  I say this because hair length is not a result of growing one’s hair more quickly (at the roots) but rather about maintaining length (at the ends).  Seriously, I have not had hair this long since my mom used to do it when I was a kid. Now my mom, who is newly natural, is asking me for tips.  The key is…ah, ah…I will tell you in another post.

Some of you may say, “Hey. That’s not fair that black woman have to do so much work to get long hair.”  I used to say that too.  However, the beauty of the matter is that we have unique, beautiful, versatile hair that no other race of women (that I know of) have. I have at least 4 or 5 choice styles in my repertoire that are extremely popular. Women with straight hair cannot keep a style for long. Can a white woman rock a fro-hawk one week and have an afro the next? Not without a weave, she can’t. If she uses her own hair, will the style even last long? Maybe one day if she is lucky. We should be praising God for our hair. We should be praising Him no matter what, but my point is that having kinky-curly hair is truly something to be excited for! And my Asian and white friends agree with me, but that is another story.

Now that I am done with my tangent and done sharing the exciting news, I must go so I can work on the video for that style today!! Please expect a regimen post since I have now found a regimen that actually works!

Can you see the difference?

After 6 months of cowashing and going everyday

After 6 months of a careful regimen based on hair blog/vlog research


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